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Our Story

Spring Creek Elementary School, home of the Beavers, is a rural school located in a small community outside the city limits of Kentwood, Louisiana.  SCE currently serves approximately 300 students in Pre-Kindergarten through Fifth grade.  It is one of seven schools comprised of three elementary schools, two middle schools, and two high schools located in Kentwood. The physical location of Spring Creek Elementary is at the corner of Highway 1054 and Highway 1061. The school was originally built in the late 1800’s as a one room log building, but became a state approved high school in 1924, the same year the first class graduated. At that time, the school contained grades Kindergarten through grade 12. Spring Creek remained a high school until 1981, when Jewel M. Sumner High School was built and took on grades seven through twelve, leaving Spring Creek to house grades Pre-K through sixth grades. The construction of Jewel M. Sumner Middle School in 2006 created the current make-up of the system, with Spring Creek becoming a Pre-K through fifth grade school.
Today, persons entering the main entryway into the school grounds still cross a cattle guard, a remnant from its agricultural beginning, to gain entrance. The school shares its grounds with a now defunct church building, a cemetery, and a small brick building that serves as a Masonic Lodge. The campus includes four red brick buildings made up of the main building, a smaller building which houses classrooms, a computer lab divided into two labs, and the lunchroom. There is also an older cinder block building, a gym made up of cinder blocks and tin, and two portable buildings.  Immediately upon entering the front doors of the main building are the secretary and administrative offices. The main building, split into two wings, houses 17 rooms, 14 of which are used as classrooms currently designated as Kindergarten through third grades and can be exited through the back of either wing or to the left of the main office areas. There is also one library, one nurse office, a small conference room, and a small storage area. This building also houses the faculty lounge for the entire campus and the copy room.